Do it yourself: soaps with flowers

More and more people are approaching what is the world of the artisan production of soaps made with flowers .

Soaps made in this way are very beautiful and aesthetically particular, with a usually rough surface from which you can see the flowers used, just to give an artisan flavor to the final product. The handmade soaps are a perfect gift idea or to use as party favors maybe in packages made by hand with recycled products.

The handmade soaps are on the market but can also be created and packaged independently, and apart from being given away to loved ones are perfect for scenting your home .

So here is an article where we will give you some information on what you need and how to proceed for completely do-it-yourself soaps with flowers . The self-production of soap includes several recipes that all have in common the use of caustic soda , as it dissolves fats turning them into salt and glycerin.

Do-it-yourself production is one of the best solutions because unfortunately the soaps on the market often add products derived from petroleum, so you can be sure of using a natural product without chemical ingredients.

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