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4 easy ways you can spruce up your house’ interior

All we have to do right now is to sit at home and wonder about things around us. Your inner self might be telling you to be creative and redecorate your house as this is the best time for house renovation. But the budget is the first thing that comes into your mind, don’t worry […]

Do it yourself: soaps with flowers

More and more people are approaching what is the world of the artisan production of soaps made with flowers . Soaps made in this way are very beautiful and aesthetically particular, with a usually rough surface from which you can see the flowers used, just to give an artisan flavor to the final product. The […]

Advice for the care

Flowers and plants belong to a world full of charm and full of curiosity that never stops to amaze. In addition to their beauty, their colors and their perfumes, each flower has a special feature that makes it the guardian of unexpected virtues that someone does not know fully. In this section we want to […]